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News Flash - Latest version includes the Spartan Script language. Please note that permanent storage in the current version is limited to 14 clips only. If you already have an older version which has 25 clips on each of 20 sheets, you should not install the new version. If you want to keep your clips and use the Spartan Script language, you should switch to Spartan or Spartan Lite.

Best Clipboard is a software to increase the power, capability, functionality and storage capacity of your Windows clipboard. Before using Best Clipboard, you would never imagine that a clipboard software could be bundled with a so many other useful functions.

Best Clipboard can copy and store up to 25 items at a time. This gives you the ability to bulk-paste items, both to documents and spread sheets. The variety of options includes, auto-minimize after pasting, bulk-pasting, clearing the Windows clipboard, editing clips, reducing graphic clips, keyboard pasting and screen capture as well as many more features that makes it the best software for saving your precious time.

In the screenshot above, the large window shows all the captured clips and the small window shows the contents of the clip the mouse pointer is over. Note the three buttons which appear by the clip the mouse is over. The Email button starts an email to the address in the clip, the Net button opens the web page in the clip and the Dial button dials the phone number in the clip. Other optional buttons include, Txt - Strips all formatting from text, Run - Runs a program file, Open - Opens a data file, Uc and Lc - Pastes text in Upper Case or Lower Case.

Best Clipboard is free and runs in all versions of Windows from XP to 10.

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